Wildomar Elementary School

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Wildomar School is a closed campus.  This practice is for the safety of our children.
To ensure safety for our students, families can feel comforted that the gates will be locked once school begins.  However, a closed campus policy begins when students are allowed on campus at approximately 7:30 a.m.
All visitors must enter the campus through the office. Parents and other visitors must receive an office pass before entering the fenced campus while school is in session.  Visitors without a pass, visitor badge, or employee badge will be asked to leave.
Although we do allow parents of Kindergarten and 1st grade youngsters to walk their children to class during the first week of school, parents will not be allowed to walk students to their classrooms after this period of time.  It is important to recognize that building independence is a critical part of your child’s development.  For this reason, all “good-byes” need to be said at the gate.
The closed school campus policy extends beyond point of dismissal through our Think Together, afterschool program.  Think Together dismisses at 6pm and the campus in considered a ‘closed campus’ through this time.
     Former students who would like to visit our campus during the school day (on their minimum days) may do so under the following terms:
1.       You must have prior permission from a teacher under whose supervision you will follow.  The teacher needs to have communicated this permission to the office via email before the office will allow you access to campus.
2.       You must have a school related purpose for being on campus.  We love visiting with former students as you are part of the family, but during school hours, we are all about teaching so you need to be also.
3.       You are expected to model the same excellent behavior that we are shaping with our current students.  Remember that you are role models and this is not a choice; it is a responsibility. 
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